Faster, more efficient relief.

The Science Behind Nano-Enhancement

Nano-enhancement has been used for years in many fields as a way to more efficiently deliver pharmaceuticals into the human system. By breaking down the CBD present into smaller molecules, the availability and absorption potential skyrockets. CBD oil is typically not an inexpensive supplement, so making every dosage count is important.


  • Nano-enhancement breaks down traditional CBD molecules ten fold. These molecules, being smaller, are absorbed more easily and faster than their traditional counterparts.

  • Nano-enhanced CBD can be more expensive than a basic formula, but it is often comparable in price. However, you are getting more for your money with a nano-enhanced product due to the accelerated delivery and increased efficiency.

  • Nano-enhanced CBD is essentially a further refined form of the oil. This process goes one step further to enhance the quality of the product, ensuring effective treatment.