Alpha essentials

CBD based products

Huntington Beach, California.


We Are Alpha Essentials

Our goal is to provide the best all natural relief for pets, regardless of any outdated stigma. Being based in Southern California, we have access to the highest quality cannabidiol, all of which is formulated locally.

CBD has been commonly overlooked in the past when searching for a way to cope with common ailments. Here at Alpha Essentials, we are dedicated to changing that.

We work closely with a highly experienced group of cannabidiol experts who consistently provide us with high quality product. Our team utilizes the innovative process of nano enhancement and a formula composed of strictly organic ingredients, ensuring the best experience for our pets. 

Our Team

We see a need for change in the ways our dogs are treated. Many pharmaceutical products, such as benadryl, are used to treat pets. This is entirely unnatural and detrimental to their health.

Growing up in Huntington Beach, California, we have been exposed to many organic foods and treatments, such as CBD. CBD stuck out to us as an underutilized and effective treatment in humans. Why not let our best friends reap the benefits as well?

We have ensured that our CBD is of the highest quality, promoting a positive experience. We want our customers to see for themselves the benefits of this miraculous compound firsthand. Join us in our mission to provide organic, natural treatment to pets across the world. Try Alpha today!